Hi, I'm Ben Fader! Some people call me “Barefoot Ben,”

I'm a creator, counselor, and catalyst on a mission to see fully expressed persons and thriving communities.

When you meet me, I want you to experience the presence of divine love and joyful authenticity.

I believe we find the good life when we find what Paul Tillich calls “the courage to be.” When you dare to simply be you and show up as truly present, the universe conspires with you. Every moment becomes an opportunity to enjoy life, to grow and to thrive. 

You might also want to know:

I love deeply connecting with people and am happy to lean in beyond small talk. 

I'm married to my favorite person and best friend, Courtney, and we have three amazing kids, Hosanna and Theo, and Selah! 

I'm a dreamy-eyed ENFP and integrated Enneagram 4 connecting the possibilities I generate with tangible results that improve the lives of others. 

You might see me talking loudly at a local coffee shop, running barefoot, dancing in the rain, playing with kids, making parodies on the fly or drumming on any and everything.


I'm an author of poetry and prose, for self-awareness and personal transformation. I share my own journey and invite others to live authentically, meaningfully, and powerfully. We all need reminders of who we really are. We all thrive off of inspiration and encouragement to do our best work. We all need reminders of our connectedness and to focus on what really matters... love. I also write on topics of Theology, Mysticism, Interspirituality, Mindfulness, and Social Justice. I write to see people be inspired, encouraged, and challenged. I love walking away from a conversation or sharing one of my pieces and seeing people's reactions. Maybe they're INSPIRED to do what matters to them and to be their best selves. Maybe they walk away feeling encouraged, reminded that they matter and can carry on with their head held high! Maybe they're challenged, provoked to contemplation and able to see things differently... Whether the topic is motivational, spiritual, practical, it all comes back to BEING, LIVING and LOVING well. 

I am  working to complete the manuscript of my first book, A Barefoot Way to Be. The first of a three-book series on A Barefoot Way. 

If you have any questions on my book or resonance with my work here, fill out the form at the bottom of the page!


I meet with people to express what already is…

But has been hidden, buried, and told it doesn’t belong.

I meet with people to locate their disempowering stories and to write new ones,

To live powerfully and unencumbered, peacefully with themselves and others.

I meet with people to find the lines they’ve drawn around themselves,

To be drawn inward and outward with transformative and integrative love.


People meet with me to integrate their spiritual path with the work they do. To process pain from religion and reintegrate parts of themselves they thought they had to leave behind.

People meet with me to clear the fog from their mirrors, to find and be themselves again, to see their inner lives with fresh eyes and to create beauty and art as full selves.

People meet with me to integrate purpose and passion into a vocation that is both work and play.

People meet with me to learn and practice self-love, to create practices and rituals that sustain them on their journey to heal others.

 I HELP create a safe space where you can be fully you, where ideas flow and dots connect. I help visualize your experience of life and give you tools to let out your creativity and dreams. I help solidify action steps, think through goals and dreams, brainstorm, and focus on what is priority to YOU, keeping you accountable to the dreams and goals you have and the plan to make it happen.

 When you are showing up in your life BEAMING, everything changes. When you gain perspective on seeing yourself as a magnet, a conduit, a beacon, everything becomes available. We focus first on who and how we are being, then how to shape our personal narrative(s) that are giving shape to us, then to the bold actions we take moving forward.

I love meeting with artists, intuitives, healers, and empaths. I work with people who are interested in living their purpose and passion. I work with people who are seeking to be deeply integrated, fully authentic, working to foster meaning and love in the world around them.

My educational background is Theology, and my ongoing passions and areas of work and study include Positive Psychology, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Music, Barefoot Running, and Authenticity.

I can meet in-person, if you’re in the Seattle area, or remotely via call or video chat.


I’m a catalyst for personal inspiration and social transformation. Sometimes this means being a speaker and teacher. S

Every event I do is designed for impact. I want people not only to have access to good information and valuable content, but to leave with new perspective, personal ownership, and powerful actions to take next. Authenticity, trust, personal reflection and curiosity are stimulated and practiced in my workshops and events, great not only for individuals but for couples and teams as well. I have done workshops with themes on gratitude, morning rituals and rhythms, discovering your own resistance and learning to love yourself as you love others. I love working with groups of any size, and can curate my presentations to fit the environment. I am also available to speak to groups and organizations with tailored content to fit your needs.

This also means being present to the needs and aspirations of my neighborhood and community, organizing, and bringing whole heart, and whole body to listen and to work. Whether the work is advocacy, pulling weeds, helping people move, or simply listening, ANYONE can catalyze meaningful change if they are truly present.

To work with me in any of my three roles, please fill out the form below and click "send". I'll get back to you right away!

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Who am I looking for, and Why might you be here?

I'm looking for empaths, healers, artists, liminal leaders, and visionaries. People who have faced self-doubt and are learning self-love. People who are love-and-service oriented, looking to contribute meaningfully to the lives of others. I'm looking for the Stargirls, the nonconformists, the Cultural Creatives. I'm looking for dreamers and doers who might just need some clarity and accountability on their next steps. I'm looking for people who are more interested in us living with purpose and passion than I am in merely creating profit. I'm looking for artists and entrepreneurs who want to use their mediums to create beauty, meaning and opportunity in the world. I'm looking for companies and organizations seeking to reinvigorate their sense of identity and purpose. I'm looking for persons and groups who are interested in courageous authenticity. 

You might just be here because you fit one of the above descriptions, but more importantly, you might be here because you know there are barriers between you being fully you, living your dream life and loving every minute of it, but you don't know what those are or how to get there. You might be here because you see untapped potential in your organization and you want to share some inspiration. Whatever the inspiration, I'm glad you're here.


The Mission is to belive, and love

The mission and manifesto of be  live  love  are baked into the name.  It's that simple, but no one said it would be easy. 

Be yourself. Each person and every organization has a unique identity with unlimited potential. The key is unearthing the core essence of YOU and being true to it. This alone can launch you onto a new trajectory. Living your dream starts by being true to youWe are self-aware. We are committed to growth. We are authentic, we are integrative, we are both sensitive and strong. 

Live your dream. We have particular visions and values coloring our mind with what life is and what it could be. Doing what you are passionate about, living with a greater purpose. We are creating the life and the world of the emerging future, not the shuddering past. We

Love your neighbor. Your neighbor is your customer, your family, your international business partner, and yes, literally the person living next to you. Loving your neighbor means leaving the world better than you found it. It means creating beauty for humans and the earth to thrive. It isn't your job to save the world, but showing up as your full self and doing what matters to you allows you to love without lines and excuses. We love the world as we love ourselves.  We seek for others to thrive as we do. We pass on the flame of love and inspiration wherever we go. 

At one level, this mission is for anyone and everyone. I believe everyone has the potential to live to their full potential in a way that spreads love in the world. Yet not everyone can sign on with our manifesto. Are you in?

Let's BE our full, authentic selves, LIVE our purpose and passions, and LOVE ourselves, our neighbor and our world together