On being "wholes"

We live in such a way that we think we know who and how we are...but we don’t. We learn from an early age that where there are symptoms, there are treatments. We are bodies. We are intellects. We are not enough of either, and rarely are both. We have become so saturated with knowing that we do not listen or communicate with the whole of who we are. Scripture reminds us that we are body, soul and “heart”. These components are not segregated, but are bound together as one. We have unique contact with the spiritual dimension, yet it is within our bodies that encounter (with God or demons [suffice it to say, the “spiritual”]) happens. When we live a divided, fractured narrow (or an overly broad “objective”) existence, we are not aware of all of who we are, and we in fact become different people depending on our stimuli. When we live a fractured, divided or narrow existence, the Holy Spirit either becomes a tool of intellect, a touch for our bodies or simply our conscience rather than the fullness of God mysteriously dwelling in each and all of us, actively communicating His very essence to us from the outside in and inside out.
Benjamin FaderComment