Our vision needs to be "healed"

There are (very subtle) lies that pervade our culture, ways of thinking and being. There are wrong views—of God, ourselves, others and the world at large—that need to be deconstructed. Even greater than that deconstruction is the need for our vision to be bound up and made whole. To face all of the reality of who and how God is, who and how each and all of us are, what God’s purposes in the earth are and the means our Lord has to accomplish those ends. None of this is simple, very little is easy, but we are only able to be and become fully ourselves with our Lord and our brothers and sisters if we can see deeply and discerningly. 
Sin, lies, untruth are un-reality, illusion. They are less than real. They are void. If these are analogous to darkness, the penetrating light is the Truth of Jesus Christ, the truth that "God is Love". All that is real is bound in the “bundle of the living”.