In The Womb

I am a baby in the womb of God.
God is truly closer than the air I breathe. In God, I live, move and have my being. The very life of God has become mine. 
In the womb there is no striving, no fighting to survive; all I can do is passively and joyfully receive all that is good—even my very being—from my Mother God. 
She delights at my growth. My growth is not something I muster or contrive, but is formed organically in the very life—the very essence—of God. Truly I am bound in the bundle of the living! Here, I do not see God with clarity, but I can know and feel that I am completely bound up in the Divine. 
Here I am at rest. 
There is no movement that I can make outside of God, nowhere I can flee from Her presence! The only thing I can do is choose whether or not to receive, and to not receive all that my mother gives is to reject my very life, before I have even been graced to see my Mother face to face! This place is dark, I only see dimly, but I know that one day will come when I will see God in all radiance and glory—and when I see Her, I will be like her!!

O Mother God, reveal the truth of this to my soul.

Benjamin FaderComment