Screens (phones, computers, tablets, etc.)...

Are, at best, icons, pointing us toward something real. 
At worst, distractions, lies, illusions. 

Can connect us with other people, outside of our place or tribe.
Can help us hide behind a false self.

Afford us creative possibilities like never before.
Afford us the quickest escape from the naked now. 

Are tools, not intrinsically evil or good. 
And therein lies the dilemma, they will showcase the user's goals. 

I'm thankful for these tools, don't misunderstand.
But what I crave is something real, vulnerability and a human connection.

My prayer is to use these tools in alignment with my true self,
to express and to connect with authenticity.

My goal is not the tweet, the website, the Facebook message, 
my goal is the conversation. 

Thanks for reading,
let's talk.

Benjamin FaderComment