Fear is Like a Little Kid

Last year while I was running, I had a breakthrough moment of clarity.

I was able to see some of my moods, attitudes and emotions (especially those that I'm less proud of) as little kids. I saw my grumpy impatience as a little me throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store. "But I want it NOWWWW!"

I could see my other attitudes and less-than-awesome behaviors as kids as well. And it helps put things in perspective. In part, this is because kids are so overt, whereas adults (like me) have learned to filter (or bury) their emotions.

Then another connection was made.

I don't beat or ostracize kids into healthy behavior, they are loved, trained and led into being healthy and whole in the context of relationship. As a parent, I don't do everything my child says, but I do listen. I love, accept, embrace. I teach, I correct, I train. I model, I respond.

And this is how fear needs to be treated. 

When the little kid in my mind is freaking out, paralyzed with fear and unable to move forward, I want to hear that voice. I want to show love and acceptance of that part of myself like I would love a little kid. And I want to move forward holding hands with that fear or carrying it with me like a little child, but moving forward nonetheless.

It's okay, fear. I'm here, and it's time to go for a walk.
Benjamin FaderComment