Fight, Flight or Face?

We all  have an instinctual reaction, a reflex. The fight-or-flight mechanism. 

It has been (and still can be) a helpful reflex in moments of crisis, and it is an adaptation that has helped us—humanity—get to where we are today.

But it’s overused, abused.

Often we are at the mercy of our internal programming, not the other way around. 

And that needs to change, especially in our conversations. 

Rather than silence or violence, it is possible to navigate a third way.
The way where we face our fears, our problems, our challenges rather than running from them. 
The way where we make space for “the other” to be a conversational partner, someone we learn from rather than attempt to control.
The way where, like Jesus, we can face our opponents, our accusers, issues and ourselves without being driven by fear, but harnessing it and standing.

This reflex is unconsciously playing out on a macro scale as well, where cities, states and nations play games of “win or lose, do or die,” but seem unable to face their own problems or find holistic solutions for change. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can adapt. We can change. We can evolve. We can do better. 

While there will still be moments where our hard-wiring will help us, I think we can agree that it’s time for a software upgrade… if only it were that easy. 

There’s no quick fix. The road ahead isn’t going to be easy. But we can do it. 

Here’s to facing what lies ahead.

Here’s to the courage to stand.

Here’s to you. 

Benjamin FaderComment