Ideas and Opportunities: We'd love your input!

Hey lovely people!

Today, I wanted to do two things:

1) Tell you about some ideas and potential products or opportunities that Courtney and I are thinking about.

2) Ask for your input.

We're in a place where we are thinking about our long term dreams and goals, as well as honing in on our art. We're looking at ways to add value to the lives of others and take care of our family in the process.

That said, we have yet to commit to any of them. Some of these ideas are old, some are very fresh. I'll pitch some of the different ideas as succinctly as possible, and what I would love is for you, my friends, family, acquaintances and blog readers, to tell me your thoughts. Which idea sounds best to you, and why? What would you be most interested in? Do you have any thoughts on what it should be or how it should be packaged/presented? What questions do you have? Any thoughts are welcome. Who knows, you may just have a hand in giving shape to something we're working on. Thanks for reading and engaging, here are some of the ideas:

  • Individual or Group lessons for drums (hand drumming or drumset). I would love to teach a percussion ensemble class, and have received input from some people for doing either a class or lessons. And for you piano players out there... Courtney is teaching piano lessons. Just sayin'. 
  • Classes or workshops for Music Theory and Ear Training. Whether a rhythm workshop, a melody workshop or a more comprehensive set of classes, Courtney and I would love to make it happen. Who's game?
  • Conversation / Relationship Building Workshops. Teaching some practical psychology and sociology with built-in tools to be aware of your self and more attuned to others.
  • Books. Whether it's poetry, prose, narrative or some combination, we would love to give greater shape and attention to our writing and share art with you.
  • Music. Covers and original songs. :)
  • Online or in-person classes: Emphasis Theology/Spirituality and Personal Integration. I love helping people through their own journey by sharing what I've learned on the way, which includes both very personal experience and practices, coupled with study of history, and multiple approaches to the Christian Scriptures. I also enjoy dialoguing with others of other faith traditions and would love to make more space for that.
  • Creating a Think-Tank or Creative Hive: As someone who is a bit of a solo creator but also thrives on collaboration, I would love to create a space/process for creatives, entrepreneurs and others to gather together in one space, tease out our dreams in conversation and experimentation and get those into action. 
  • Café or Market focused on Health and Sustainability. There are already some great cafes and markets in the area that are doing great things, but Courtney and I have some unique ideas about what we'd want in sharing local, organic and sustainable food with our neighbors. 
  • Coaching / Consulting business. Helping people and organizations gain self-awareness, find the next steps and grow to the next level. 
  • Kids Camps / Co-ops:  I love kids and play. Whether in partnering with an existing city department or non-profit to do workshops or leasing a different space to start our own program, I would love to gather kids together to learn and play in ways that foster relationship building, creative thinking and hands-on skills. What this looks like depends also on the intended age groups, and I've got lots of ideas for any bracket. 

So, what do you think? After absorbing all that information, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Comments are welcome, but if you want to be more private or verbose, please email me at

Again, thanks for reading and engaging!


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