On Luna Sandals and Experimentation

I got a pair of Luna running sandals (which I would HIGHLY recommend!) the day before my marathon. Since my marathon (story in this month's issue of #Fadergram), I've been running in them, and have been having lots of fun... with one exception. I'm always tweaking them. 

"Is my foot slipping? I think the heel strap is too loose. Now it's pulling too tight on my toes..." These are the kinds of thoughts and discoveries I've had as I've been playing (running) for the past two weeks. Sometimes this involves pausing mid-run to slip off my sandal, make a minor adjustment, put it back on and go; which can be irritating. Today I think I stopped three times. Clearly I haven't found a way to "set it and forget it," yet.

Then I remember...
Part of the reason I got into barefoot/minimal running in the first place was the experimentation. Listening to my body, maximizing input, doing what feels right to me. It's been a process, and I've arrived at a new level of confidence and comfort in my running, now all I need to do is keep playing, keep tweaking, keep my feet and sandals to the pavement until I find what works. Maybe to some this will seem like a lot of unnecessary work. Maybe there is a faster, more efficient way. However frustrating this constant tweaking and experimentation can be, I'm enjoying the journey.

If you're worried about getting the results, pause to enjoy where you are and what you're learning. It's working wonders for me.

With sore calves and really cool sandals,