What is one question you are living with right now? Why is it important to you?

One question I am living with right now is: How can I live fully, authentically, passionately in doing work I believe in, while supporting my family? 

I used to think that it would be awesome if I could make enough money doing as little as possible. Now, I know that I am most fulfilled when I am immersed in doing what I love, making my "art," and seeing myself, my family and my communities thrive. This question assumes something that's important to me, that a both/and answer is possible. While there may be no magic pill or quick fix, I believe that moving simultaneously toward meaningful work and a healthy, thriving family are important and maybe even inseparable. I am literally living this question. I'm working two jobs (real estate agent and waiter/bartender), and am seeking both to be fully present and alive in the work I do and provide for my family. I am being more artistic with my real estate career, tying together work and activities that I'm passionate about with making the connections I want to make. I'm not only doing what I have to, but carving out time to do what I want to. This question is important to me because I want to see the physical, emotional, spiritual needs met not only for myself, but also for my family. I know that I can do things I don't care about, but I am more engaged when I am excited about what I am doing, whether work, home, friends, a hobby, anything. I also want to see Courtney, our kids, are extended family and our communities thrive, with people doing what they love and believe in and having access to the opportunities we value. 

You've heard it from me, so I'll ask you again,

What question are you living with right now, and why does it matter?

Looking forward to hearing,

Benjamin FaderComment