What's My Revolution? Blog Challenge Day 1

I'm forming a new habit, where I'm writing blogging everyday. I've been a longtime "journaler," but this is the next step. Rather than blogging in spurts, sharing occasionally things I've been mulling over, I'm committed to writing everyday, and putting my thoughts out there—even in incomplete form. Part of the impetus for this habit came in the form of a challenge. In doing this, I'm looking to accomplish three things: 1) Form a habit, a daily discipline. 2) Discover what my "art" is. Hone my craft, find my voice, and unpack in greater depth and clarity what I have on heart and mind. 3) To share my work with others. To paraphrase Seth Godin, art involves BOTH self-expression and human connection. I could write all day, but until a connection between someone else and myself (or my work), it's not art. So, to kick off this adventure, I'll be working with a prompt I received:

What is the revolution you want to lead? 

What a fantastic question.

Maybe it's just my personality, but I have lots of answers to that. Here goes:

Maybe it's one revolution, maybe several. Perhaps it's a number of micro-revolutions.

I want to lead a revolution of passion, enthusiasm, purpose, vision and hard work.
To see people discover who they are, discern their passions and do the work they care about and believe in deeply. To see people wake up, amped up and jacked up—high on life and excited to do what they do. I want to lead a revolution of inspiration,  innovation. Foster an atmosphere and attitudes of freedom to see people take risks and live abundantly.

I want to lead a revolution of genuine care and concern, of community, of love. 
To see neighborhoods, cities, faith communities, families and friends be more just, inclusive, welcoming, safe and beautiful. To see groups have strong identities and be benevolent to persons that don't fit the mold. To see social networks woven in physical spaces, not just digital spaces. To see people be real with one another, to be kind, to be interested.

I want to lead a revolution of beauty, of art. To see persons honing their own craft and sharing that with other people. I want to lead a revolution of authenticity, where each of us find the real "me" and are unafraid to live that in public and in relationship. A revolution where community, collaboration, ubuntu and the greater good are written into the fabric of our art.

I want to lead a revolution that looks like Jesus. That challenges the status quo. That offers new spiritual vision where state and religion have become stagnant and stale. A revolution that invites anyone, the "everyman" to be fully human, fully alive, fully engaged. To see people leave their mark on the world regardless of where they came from. To see people liberated from their own fears or from collective social evils. To see people healed, empowered, excited. A revolution of contemplation, of awareness. A revolution of transcendence. A revolution of hope and possibility.
A revolution of growth, transformation, realization.

There are some details to fill in that vision, but today is the day to write it large and run.

You've heard my heart, my working answer to this living question. What's yours?

What's the revolution that YOU want to lead?

Benjamin FaderComment