Children of God, One Human Family (Post from 11/14)

I believe that God is like our father or mother.

God loves us like we're beloved children. All of us. Each of us.

No two children are identical, and each has a unique relationship with their Divine Parent.

Along with this personal relationship is our relationship as siblings. We're all brothers and sisters. We're all children of God. We are one human family.

It's not that people become children of God after going through a rite or ritual, they are already God's beloved.

This is important, lest we presume to keep our brothers and sisters away from their Father by our constructed hoops to jump through. It's also important because those hoops get us off the hook for doing what our Mother commanded us to do in the first place, love. 

Everyone is a child of God. We are one human family.
We're still in the process of learning this and living it out.
Benjamin FaderComment