Creature of Habit

Donkey plodding down a well-worn path
Going, going, going, for no reason other than
This is the way I go.
Trained and tried and pushed and dragged
Saddled and bridled and pulled down this way
Never stops to ask where the road leads
Or even think about stepping out of the well-worn ravine.

But isn’t there more than dust and ashes?
Lift your head up, O tired traveler
And look for Elysium as you go along the way

Worker ant carrying a heavy load
Busy, busy, busy, with not a moment to lose
Because the others might need me.
Hurry, hurry, the rain is coming, can’t slow down, can’t take time
Little ant, the years will pass you by
Never stops to ask why this burden even matters
Or even think about setting it down to breathe.

But isn’t there more than crumbs and commitments?
Lift your head up, O tireless worker
And see the Kingdom that you might have passed by

Little bird singing in the zephyr of dawn
Singing, singing, singing, for no other reason than
This is the joy of my heart.
Listening and dancing and laughing and giving
The beauty inherent in a soul truly living
Never stops to ask if purpose is in short supply
Or even think about what could be awry

Because there’s life to be celebrated, enjoyed, contemplated
Lift your head up, O creature of habit
And behold the Kingdom of Heaven in and around you

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love – Psalm 90:14
In quietness and trust is my strength – Isaiah 30:15

Courtney FaderComment