Cultivating Unity

It happens on the personal level. Where I recognize my own capacity to be fractured, fragmented and disconnected. Where I recognize that I do not simply put the pieces together through conscious striving. Where I rest in trust, and commit to the process of integration. Where I realize that everything belongs, even if it doesn't all fit together like I think it should. Where I stop fighting, stop perpetuating the cycle of fragmentation. Rest. Trust. Believe. Receive. Love. 

It happens on the relational level. In relationship with others, I learn how to be myself. In relationship with others, there is friction, disconnectedness. Slowly, in remaining committed and open to love, we can learn how to relate to others in agape love. This isn't easy, and it requires closeness and acceptance of the people in our midst. It requires I not run from others, look for an escape. But maybe, just maybe, we can recognize that even in our diversity there is a deeper unity. 

It happens on the societal level. The systems we build in turn form us. We may have to tear down some structures, unplug others, but it always with the goal of greater health, understanding, and yes, unity. If something is unhealthy or isn't working, we can work together to change it. 

It happens on the ecological level. We share this life, this planet with the rest of our species, as well as seemingly innumerable other species. What we do affects all other aspects of life, even if slowly. We can unlearn some of our harmful habits and find new (or rediscover old) ways to relate as part of creation. We can better steward, we can have love extend to our non-human neighbors.

It happens on the cosmic level. All things are inextricably bound together. 

Unity can be realized, or even just acknowledged. It also must be cultivated. 
Benjamin FaderComment