Life of Worship

Worship: the acknowledgement of worth. 

Worship isn't something that some people do one day a week, it's an all-the-time, decision-by-decision reality.

I'm shaping my life based on the purpose(s) I'm leaning into, the value I want to give and receive. What do I think is worth acknowledging? What do I truly value? That's worship.

Whether it's searching for blowout deals on Black Friday, watching football games on Sunday, book-reading, playing with kids, growing veggies or stealing away from your kids to post a blog, all these things are acts of worship. For myself, I want to be aware of who/what I'm worshipping and, if needed, be willing to change my being and behaviors to align my worship with my ethos. For all my being, thinking, and acting to be in harmony, congruous with my deeper purpose and relationship with God, people and nature.

So whatever you're doing today, think about what you are investing in. What are you acknowledging is worthy of your passion, your effort, your focused intention? May what we worship be truly worthy of our attention.