Our Children Are Our Hope (from 11/24)

Children are new possibilities, new ideas, in the flesh. 
Children can be mirrors for our own silliness, our own idiosyncrasies. 
Our children can be our spiritual teachers, showing us the buttons we allow to be pushed and helping us to be more loving and kind. 
Children invite us to a more authentic, playful, engaged and alive. 
Children are adaptable, open to learning and trying new things. 
Children remind us that we are all in process, none of us have arrived, and that we are becoming. 
Children imagine, children play, children dream. 
Children mimic, children learn. 
Children see things with fresh eyes.

And as a father, I know even more now that while our children have some of our characteristics, they bring with them an essence of our own inner fire, yet their light is uniquely their own. 

We shape the world we live in for our children, and in turn, they will shape the world. 

Our children are our hope.