Raw Music (gluten-free, no preservatives, no fillers, no artificial ingredients)

As I sit and watch the waves
On a tideless beach the wind sees fit to kiss and caress
Whistling through stately branches and carrying lifeless leaves
I hear it.

As I sit and hear the laughter
The pure joy of infantile discovery, of rocks and grass and sand and trees
Cherishing the moment, fleeting yet everlasting, kept in a vault in a mother’s heart
I hear it.

As I rest and close my eyes
Gently cradled in a moment too rare, my soul still and quiet
Plumbing the depths of God in secret, stolen seconds
I hear it.


Music, when the rest of the world stops.
In the silent space between activities
In the void where my heart can turn to contemplation
In the fullness of engagement with the life blossoming around me
In the rhythms of community, where mere monument meets Charity
There is music.

Not simply the choice to make sound, but the choice to be silent
To close my mouth, to open my ears, to hold my peace
To hold my peace.

In the throes of sensation, to open my mouth, to roar with all my might
To let the world hear the depths of my soul in a rare moment of utter transparency
Utter transparency.

To listen, and respond, to hear, and react, to speak, and be spoken to
A dynamic interplay, the community of souls, the intimacy of hearts
The intimacy of hearts.
Call and response.

To laugh with those who laugh, till happy tears can no longer be held back
And life and joy come spilling out, tripping over themselves on their way
To set my heart to hope, to unleash the pent-up praise dancing within
Or to hold an aching heart, letting the scream of the depths be heard
To comfort and to weep, to become a compatriot in yearning and grieving
Where pain and sorrow need not hide under a blanket of pretense
But the listener becomes the speaker, and comes alongside another soul
Alongside another.

More than sound, more than contrived contraptions conceiving of concepts
Too great for them to comprehend
Where untried fingers can attempt emotion where they have no experience
More than emulating, parroting, spitting out useless words
Where voices rehearse that which they don’t believe
Or don’t even pause to think about what their lyrics could mean

But raw hearts, growling with emotion, bursting forth with song
Because language just isn’t enough
Music is.
Symphony of hearts, lift up your voice.
The one and the many, release your humanity, your peculiar essence, unto your Creator
But use the language of heaven to articulate.

Listening ears give way to speaking hearts.

Can you hear the music?

Courtney FaderComment