Reclaiming the Village

I'm on a journey from a state of "happening" to "inhabiting," where I am learning to take ownership and be a steward of my community, not just someone who happens to be here. I'm slowing down, taking time with my family, meeting neighbors. Walking, riding, listening and noticing the patterns, themes and stories. Asking questions like, "Jesus, what are you up to in this neighborhood?" and "what does it mean to love our neighbors here?" Over the course of this journey, I've noticed my own impatience, my own complacency. I see first hand my preoccupation with what I'm doing or where I want to go. I've become aware of my own habits and I see how they can keep me from being invested in the places I actually inhabit, let alone the people who share the space. I used to feel guilty about it, now it is more of a sober awareness. Increasingly, I'm feeling the dream and the call to localized community, to tightly woven networks of relationships, to small businesses and intentional planning, and to faith communities that take seriously the call to love God and neighbor and to steward well the environment. This isn't a call for one kind of person or personality, and it's not a call for a limited scope of professions. This is a call for each and all of us, fellow inhabitants of our own communities, to acknowledge their own agency and to work together for good. To create new possibilities, to dream. To drive out darkness by simple, patient love. Now is our time to reclaim our village. 

Benjamin FaderComment