Still, Small Voice

Tonight was not a particularly busy night at my pub. I'll just leave it at that. I was tempted to close early, but something told me to wait till eight. It felt painful to wait, even though it wasn't an extraordinarily long time. Sure enough, at 7:58, I saw a couple getting out of their car, and coming into the restaurant. We spent the next two hours engrossed in amazing conversation. 

To think, I almost missed a divine appointment... I'm so thankful I listened!

This is your reminder to listen to that still, small voice.

To stop.

To breathe.

To wait.

To let go of preoccupations.

To be guided from within.

The spirit is always creating new possibilities, weaving together new mosaics in the fabrics of our lives, and all it takes is willingness to hear and respond.

Tonight, tomorrow, let's dial down. Let's listen to that voice.
Benjamin FaderComment