The In and Outs of Alignment and Authenticity: Chiropractic Philosophy as a Model for Life

From philosophy to medical practice, each art or discipline begins with a basic set of assumptions. One of the underlying assumptions of chiropractic is that the human body is designed or adapted for optimal health. Said differently, the fundamental basis for treatment is health, not sickness. There is a built-in capacity to thrive, and any treatment is simply meant to uncover or unleash that present capacity. Adjustments aren't to "fix problems" per se, but are meant to bring the body into greater alignment with how it naturally works. The "outside" practice (i.e. getting adjusted) is to deepen an inner centeredness (alignment) for the greater flourishing of the total person. The outside-in practice is meant to unleash a healthy living from the inside-out. We find our center, and live from that center. There are yet other external aspects of chiropractic that are important: We are also shaped by the culture(s) we co-create and our personal choices and practices. What we eat and take into our body affects our very growth, development and becoming. How we move, how we sit, how we think. All this matters and will affect us from the outside in and inside out.

I see chiropractic practice and philosophy as a great model for other aspects of life as well, because...

one of the greatest purposes of our lives is to be our authentic selves, to live in alignment with who we are and were made to be. 

My life isn't about getting "fixed" from the "problems" I am or have, it is about uncovering who I am truly and living from that awareness. My life is about coming into greater alignment, and being authentic to live out of that alignment.

From spirituality and self-awareness to how we are present to other people in external behaviors and actions, it all comes back to being centered and living truly from that center. Yet our center, the core essence of our identity and existence is not in a vacuum, compartmentalized from the external or physical needs of our person. How we think, converse, relate, move, sit, inhabit... All these elements are important. If the external elements (practices) of our lives are in alignment with the essence of our person, we are healthy. Often it helps to get adjusted (metaphorically speaking), to bring other people into my life who can help me see myself and who can give the occasional, purposeful nudge in the right direction. It is crucial to be in community with others who honor your unique essence and want to see more of the real you. It is key that we make the choices that often require courage and a cost to be authentic and to invite others to the same space.

From our body to our souls, we were made to be healthy and live in a thriving state of purpose, passion and gratitude. By tapping into our deeper center and the Root of our Being, we are empowered to be who we are and become our best selves, from the outside in and the inside out.
Benjamin FaderComment