What if churches were more like pubs?

What if our churches were more like pubs?

We would eat together, savoring a meal that is all at once sacred and profane.

There would be room for conversation, from the trivial details to the depths of our souls being shared.

There would be room enough for disagreement, for different "teams" to gather together in the same space.

People would feel safe just to be themselves, however they are at the moment.

Communion could be more than a ritual we enact once a week, and instead could be a practice we share with others daily.

The pastor's role would be more about service and relationship, and less about pre-packaged presentation.

And as icing on the cake, things might just be more biblical, looking more like the love-feasts of the new testament church.

What if our churches were more like pubs?

Who knows, we might just find Jesus tending the bar, making us all feel welcome, intrigued and enlivened at the same time.

Benjamin FaderComment