All You, All The Time What Would It Look Like For Us To Be Our Whole, True Selves? (#Fadergram December 2014)

All You, All The Time
What Would It Look Like For Us To Be Our Whole, 
True Selves?
(taken from #Fadergram December 2014)

Fragmentation. Compartmentalization. Hiding. Self-deception. Self-protection. Self-obsession. If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely faced one or all of these challenges in your own life, maybe daily. While the real me is deeper than any occupation, I find that different hats I wear can bring out different “Bens” if I’m not mindful. Everyday there is the constant pressure from both within and outside ourselves to conform or contort ourselves to fit in with our environments, to hide our deepest cares from other people, and to live in a state of reacting rather than creating from the inside out. Often the “self” that we present or even choose to be identified by is a mere reflection, a projection. Out of our basic, biological craving for self-preservation, we often fuel our own inner conflict because we are afraid of the opinions of others. But we can create a different possibility, and I intend to. Here are two questions to consider:
What would it look like for you and I to show up as our full, true self everywhere in life? What would be possible if we lived from center everyday?
Before I go ahead and answer for you, pause. Look into your own life. Ask into those questions. Close your eyes. Breathe. 

If you’ve given yourself enough space to listen into your own life, maybe some thoughts from me can be helpful and not just noise. Here they are:

Our light would SHINE. The unique essence that we bring to the world would emanate all the clearer. Jesus talks about his hearers being the light of the world and the salt of the earth. I think part of what he meant is that our hiding (from ourselves or others) does no one any good, we were made to shine. 
We would be both confident and humble. Content and working for excellence. When I know who I am, I don’t have to prove things to myself or to others, neither do I live in self-pity and a sense of inadequacy. If I am anchored to a deep and real sense of who I am, I can live from that all the time. For places where there are deep similarities with others, I can identify deeply. Where there are sharp disagreements, I can disagree without feeling threatened or becoming a threat. On the whole we can be content even as we seek to grow. 
We would be profoundly generous. 
As I understand it, being our full, true selves doesn’t mean simply working to get what “I want” or do what is “right for me” at any cost. Quite the opposite: When I live from a deeper self-awareness, I don’t have to sit and think about myself, navel-gaze or image-craft. Instead, I can be immersed in the moment, aware of others, be generous and inspire generosity. 
Who knows?!
I don’t know what the ripple effects are of being fully alive, fully human, but I’m excited to find out. We may learn that there are innumerable self-imposed limits in our thinking, and be able to step forward into greater freedom of life and expression. Whatever it looks like, I’m excited to see you being YOU. Fully. All the time. To being centered and unleashed,

Benjamin FaderComment