Battle Cry of the Bridge-Builders

Everyone wants a battle to fight.

But what do you fight when your enemies are not flesh and blood, are not "those people?"

How do you rally a battle-cry from the peace-makers?

Well, you don't, strictly speaking. 

If you're a bridge-builder, a peace-maker, a reconciler, you've already put down your sword. You have already acknowledged that whatever "they" have or do that is "wrong" is already in you, and you own it. You know that a revolution not sustained by love in principle and action will revert or succumb to the same evils it sought to overthrow. You already know that self-preservation can lead to self-destruction.

So what do you do?

You see the whole, the one and the many. You paint the picture for others to see.

You know tribes exist, you acknowledge it. You are not afraid of different sects, groups. And yet you see how the many can be the one, and vice versa. Whether in an organization, a church, a nation, or the world at large, you intuitively connect dots and, well, people. To you things just don't exist in us/them and black/white dichotomies, you see in full color and you want others to see it too. You see that no one is a carbon copy, and yet you also naturally see overarching themes and patterns. So you start conversations. You share patterns. You color outside the lines. All in the hope that others will know they are connected, they are loved, and they are a part of something bigger than themselves and they personally are infinitely important.

You stand up as the artist/poet/prophet/conductor/leader you are. First facing your own fears and inviting others to do the same.

Bridge-builders and peace-makers have their own fears and complacency to face. The complacency that says it would be better to follow in line, to conform, to fit in. But deep down, you already know your own liminality. To ignore it, to bury it, would be a disservice to yourself and to the tribes to which you belong. So you stand up. You speak. You paint. You write. You take risks. You poke the box. All in the hope that others will wake up from their complacency as you wake up from yours.

You build. You create possibilities. You are hopeful. You are forward thinking yet aware of the past.

Not everyone is a bridge-builder. It is a unique identity and calling. A bridge-builder is someone who creates connections, who takes what seemed separate and makes it part of an integral whole, a whole they already see in their mind. You build relationships between groups, between enemies and would-be friends. So you build. BUILD. Working with the material and relationships you have in front of you, create new possibilities. Motivated by the hope for an even more beautiful world where we work together in greater unity and harmony, you face the realities of your present and the stories of your past. You face the possibility for rejection from your own tribe as well as from others. You work for good within your tribe and open doors into other tribes. You do new things. You are laying the foundation for the future while simultaneously uprooting the status quo. Go you.

It may not seem glamorous to realize that the only things we are fighting are our own limiting beliefs and stories from our past, and that the fight is not won with violence, but this is the battle for our time and for our world. Bridge-builders, will you join me? Will you fight ignorance, fear, and isolation with your compassion, awareness, love and interconnectedness? 

There is work to be done, and I'm looking for the bridge-builders. 
Benjamin FaderComment