I'm loving it.

A while back, I started a morning affirmation/gratitude prayer that went like this:

I love my life. I love my daughter, my son, my wife. 
I love who I am, where I am, and what I get to do.  
Let's do it!

To be honest, at the time I started saying those words (which didn't originally include "my son," as it predated Theo's arrival), I was struggling to believe some of those things. Sure, I loved my life, and I definitely loved Hosanna and Courtney, but that second line... I just wasn't convinced. That's different now. 

Almost everyday, I wake up experiencing gratitude for all of the above. Rather than hard work to reframe current circumstances, it is the grateful posture of a blessed man. Wow, that's awesome. It's so fun to be at a place where that affirmation is lived experience everyday.

Thank you, God. Thank you family. Thank you friends. Thank you coworkers. Thank you neighbors. I'm glad to share life with you in the place we are. 

So everyday, let's tap into that gratitude. Let us give thanks. And let's get to work with a full heart and a heaping helping of whimsy. What could be better?
Benjamin FaderComment