It's the Beat

The snap of the snare.
The deep kick of the bass.
Crisp high-hat punches.
Sharp cymbal crashes.
Booming toms fills.

Each part is cool enough on its own, but what makes each part mean something is the beat. 

The groove,
the pulse,
the rhythms,

the beat. 

A good drummer is someone who creatively puts all these pieces together. One who interlocks these separate components into one cohesive whole.

The beat. 

Playing a solid beat involves knowing when to leave space and when to play.
It means that the drummer has become the metronome, internalizing the pulse that binds all things together.
It doesn't mean trying to be complex all the time, yet it often involves more than one piece of the set being played.
The beat has a purpose. The beat sets a foundation for the rest of the band. The beat holds it all together.

It's the beat. 

When life seems chaotic, it might be time to slow down, simplify, play less, listen more. 
When there are multiple, integral components that are a part of your life, your job is to see how they fit together. 
And it all comes back to knowing your pulse, your purpose and the rhythms and rituals that are the ebb and flow of your daily life. 

It's the beat.

Benjamin FaderComment