Set and Settled Aren't the Same

I've become increasingly settled.

In who I am. In what my strengths are. Aware of my weaknesses or limitations and confident in my capacity and potential. I love myself. I know I am worthy of love and acceptance, so my happiness doesn't have to be contingent upon the love of acceptance of others. I'm settled in my thinking, my belief. I've come to accept that I think certain things, that my current working knowledge is what it is, and that's okay. I'm not fighting with myself or with others. There is peace.

But I'm not set. 

I am not fixed in my ways of thinking or being. I am not stuck where I am. My current level of achievement is not the status quo I seek to maintain with my life, and I hope there never is a status quo. This is because...

I am being, and I am becoming. I know what I think now, and I am hungry to learn more. There is much to learn! I love myself for who I am, and I am excited to continue growing. I still have driving questions, hopes and dreams. I know that my life will have even greater expression of meaning and purpose than there is currently.

"Set" and "settled" are not the same. 
Benjamin FaderComment