The Wonderful World of YOURthodoxy

Battles over "orthodoxy" have been waging all over the world for a while now, and it hasn't stopped with the advent of secularism. Religious clerics, scientists, teachers, employers, politicians, etc., still get stuck in a game of fighting either for or against their current working understanding of truth and the systems that stem from it. What if, rather than a set-it-and-forget-it system, orthodoxy acknowledged and made space for the unique perspective of the individual? 

Maybe it would sound something like this:

Welcome to the magical world of YOURthodoxy, where...

We value truth, realizing we have current understanding and that there is more to learn. 

We know that God is bigger than one tradition.

We strive to deepen and expand our current understandings. 

Even the things we agree on, we have nuanced differences. 

Everyone has a unique vantage point.

No one has all their ducks in a row. 

Everyone has something to contribute. 

We learn from teachers and leaders with humility. 

We appreciate the contributions of all members. 

We own our reasoning and do not simply appeal to authority, be it a person, text or tradition. 

We understand our biases, our lenses and can articulate where we come from.

We deeply respect our tradition(s) and are deeply formed by it/them. 

We have a posture of openness towards others, including how they think and what they believe. 

We do not simply use black/white categories or dismiss others with labels. 

We love one another. 

Benjamin FaderComment