Words Are Like Icebergs

Roughly 90% of an iceberg lies below the surface. 

The tip of the iceberg is just the beginning of our conversation. Unless our words, our stories, our silence and listening can take us deeper, take us under the surface, we will be stuck with an incomplete picture. Or said differently, the tip of the iceberg is often like the words we use in our conversations, which often only articulate so much of the authentic emotion that lies beneath. 

In second grade, we did a unit on the Titanic. We learned that the world's greatest sailing ship to date sunk because the hull scraped alongside an iceberg. I can't think of how many times I have sunk important conversations because my words were simply jutting icebergs of emotion, or because I failed to vulnerably reveal just how deep and important this conversation was to me. Loose lips sink ships. In other words:

We have the power with our words to disclose and conceal. 

We have the power to wound and to heal. 

As for me, I want to listen deeper, speak deeper. 
I want my words to be true to the two simultaneous conversations of every encounter—both what is spoken and unspoken. 
I want to see conversations move forward, not have to tread carefully like a ship through an ice-ridden sea. 
I want more than the tip of the iceberg. 
Benjamin FaderComment