Be Transformed By Renewing Your Mind: On Metanoia, Accusation and the Voice Within

I used to wake up in the morning feeling stressed, tired, and immediately overwhelmed. 

It was like there was a tape playing on repeat in my mind that was accusing me of my own inadequacy, a video of all the things that didn't go right the previous day, and an immediate swell of tasks for the day ahead of me. Suffice it to say that waking up was not the best part of my day.

To counteract these voices, I worked to intentionally set aside time to listen to God's voice, though often even that practice felt more like an exercise in tuning out my noise rather than tuning into something deeper. That's still a practice I'm working at, and I would hardly say that I've made a solid daily routine. Sometimes there would be a deep sense of God's presence, a word, a picture, or some combination. Other times, just space and quiet. I practiced, I waited, I listened.

I began to realize what was happening in my spiritual life was not a dramatic breakthrough as is the case for some, but a day-by-day renewal. Even slowly, the neural pathways that were superhighways for negativity and discouragement were being abandoned and I was co-creating a mind more in tune with the Love that animates the universe. This was paired with the realization that I wasn't simply waiting for God to fix me, to change me, to right what was wrong. I was a participant in my own transformation. I was tapping into the presence and power of the Spirit that was freely available to me. 

I know there are other people that struggle as I did with those voices, and I won't pretend to give you a magic pill to fix the problem. I can tell you that God is with you. That you are loved. That I love you. I can tell you what I see of you and why that matters. That would be a good start. Beyond that, I can invite you to listen to how God is already present, how the Spirit is already available, how to be aware of your thinking and to own it. It's a journey, a process. Sure, breakthroughs can happen, miracles happen everyday. Be the miracle. Be transformed by renewing your mind. 

There is a Voice within you deeper than all the chatter of your lizard brain. Practice directing your thoughts deeper than the chatter, creating silence for that Voice to speak. Practice listening. Practice. This is your worship. Don't be discouraged by baby steps. You're growing. You are being renewed day by day.
Benjamin FaderComment