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My BIG “WHY” (motivating purpose), is twofold. First, to see people be their full, true, unique selves, living a life to their full potential, knowing that the beauty and change we long for is already deposited in our own hearts and simply needs to be cultivated and shared. Second to see deep, rich and unifying relationships formed with ourselves, God, other people and the earth. I believe that we were made to thrive, that we live best when we live from our center and that we (and the world) need the best we have to offer. So what does this have to do with Collins Chiropractic? Here, we are passionate about seeing people in our community live a full life by removing subluxation. We live our whole life through our nervous system, so if we can see people tap into the fullness of their innate health and potential, everything else improves! This philosophy and practice seems clear to me now, but it has been a journey to get to this point. 

Growing up, my health and wellness was a struggle that involved lots of medication and treatment. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was three, so inhalers and nebulizers became close companions for me. I’ve been hospitalized for pneumonia as well as stopping breathing. What was frustrating about much of my experiences with medication and traditional treatment was that I would be able to breathe well for a little while and then the symptoms would return. It was as though I was only healthy when I had some kind of stimulant or steroid in my system. I grew increasingly resilient in my childhood through playing wind instruments and running, and I became resolved in high school to be independent from medication. It’s been a journey and I’m still on one, but I have worked to live a healthier and more free life, and see this work as a continuation of that journey. I want to work to see each of us thrive

I love living a beautiful, zany, thriving life with my amazing wife, Courtney, our two incredible kids (Hosanna and Theo), and our community here in the south end of Seattle. I’m fascinated by Jesus, theology and contemplative spirituality; seeing people live their deeper purpose; creating art (writing, music and conversation); loving people and our environment and being active outside. You might see me talking loudly at a local coffeeshop, riding my bike or drumming on anything. I’m blogging daily about spirituality, authenticity, art and a life well-lived at

I am excited to be my full self here at Collins Chiropractic and contribute my passions to this work. If we haven’t met already, I look forward to connecting. :)

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