Grow, Thrive and Go

I'm proud to be part of the practice I work for. It's a place where people (in general but especially those who work here) are empowered to grow, thrive and go. 

Today was the last day of work for a beloved member of our team who exudes light, laughter and love in all he does... and he's leaving because he has opportunity to share his passion to see others healed and transformed in both healing arts and chiropractic. It was an emotional day, and he will be greatly missed...

and it's a perfect opportunity for him to go. 

Further growth, training and equipping for him to thrive in a practice of his own and continue this work, all hugely helped by the fact that these people in this office are about growth, thriving and commissioning.

Making space for people to be their authentic selves, expand their capacity to love and serve others in powerful ways and send them on to take it to the next level is what we're doing, and I'm happy to be a part of it. That kind of culture is a catalyst for change, and it's not just "out there," it's also for us, the ones carrying out the work.

Thank you, Collins Chiropractic, for being a place where people can grow, thrive and go. And thank you for the powerful send-off of a team member who represents the very best of us. And thank you, Sean Riley, for being you. Keep growing, keep thriving, keep going.


Benjamin FaderComment