Living the Dream

At an old job, I had a coworker whose response to the question, "How are you?" was, "Living the dream."

This was in the middle of a metals finishing shop. His hands were grimy with chemicals from the line. He was one of the more upbeat and zany people in the shop, but he was also notorious for being sarcastic. In that moment, I didn't think to take him seriously. I had my own anxiety and stress that I was dealing with. That job was hard, could this really be his dream? It certainly wasn't mine.
But his words stuck. 

Living the dream.
Why is this potentially powerful statement instead a cliché phrase of resignation? 

I used to be so focused on finding my dream. On someday, living my passion. Now, I'm interested in living the dream. What dreams to I have for myself, my family, our communities and the world? THAT is how I want to live now. It doesn't mean finding a job where I work less make more, in fact I think it will take lots of work. But work isn't "hard" when it's fueled by your passion. Work isn't work when it is living your dream. Ask yourself: What motivates you? What powerfully connects you to others? What transforms you from a sheep to a leader? Where do you thrive?

I am living in the possibility that the world can be filled with human beings who are deeply connected to their authentic selves, deeply related to others and where the work we each and all do is more than a job, it's a dream.

I'm living my dream right now. It's still in process, but what I desire to be and to do is available now and right in front of me. It might take soul-searching and a lot of work and support, and I believe the same is possible for you. 

I believe in living the dream. Do you?

Benjamin FaderComment