The Gift of Collaboration

I'm thankful for creativity. I'm bursting with ideas. All the time. Sometimes there are too many ideas to act on. Other times, I'm just exhaling creativity out into the void to see if anything bounces back. When it does, it's awesome. Even better is not only when the idea sticks, but when it resonates with others and spurs multiple people into action. That's collaboration. 

This last year, I've been flexing my creative muscles. Trying new things and taking on some projects just because I can. In this new year, I'm leveraging my creativity with the gift of collaboration. I'm focusing on the people, the projects and the passions that inspire creativity and beauty in myself and others and I'm looking for people to jump in with.

The work of every artist is to create, but it doesn't stop there. It's time to connect. It's time to collaborate. 
Benjamin FaderComment