Today I Choose

The day doesn't just happen, it is constantly directed by our choices. 

Some days I know some of what will happen because of what I've committed to, other days are a blank slate. Either way the attitudes and outcomes of the day are largely directed by our choices. 

Today I choose to be adventurous, whimsical and joyful. I choose to let go of the tasks that could so easily clutter my mind and spend time with my kids. I choose to be proactive in what we do rather than reactive. It's all my choice. 

On Monday, I'll be at work. I chose my work. Then I will be faced with choices of how to be and what to do, but that's not today. That's not now. 

This is today, this is now, the moment we have to live life to the fullest. Today I choose. 

What do you choose for yourself and your life today?

Benjamin FaderComment