We Made Up New Years, and That's Okay

Whatever your year was in 2014, it's over. It's a new year.

Though it's worth mentioning that the calendar is a construct. A page has been flipped. A number has changed. What does that actually change about your life? Nothing, at least not automatically, unless you want it to. If you want it to, it can change everything. 

Just because you created an intention, a possibility or a way of seeing, doesn't mean it's irrelevant or meaningless. Instead, it can become a catalyst for living a more full, more beautiful life. 

New Years is an opportunity to ritualize sifting through our past and moving forward into the future. It's an opportunity to bookend what was and think about what could be given what is. 

We made up new years, and that's okay. It's a great opportunity. 

What intentions are you excited about for this year? What themes and possibilities are you sensing?
How did you grow last year? How was God with you? How do you hope to grow this year?

Make it a great one!

To the journey, 

Benjamin FaderComment