Write a New Story

I woke up this morning with the subconscious printing-press working at full boar.

Page after page,
story after story,
 line after line of
mental chatter being imprinted on my conscious mind.

If you opened up the book of my thoughts to read, you would find criss-crossing lines of type,
cutting off one another,
filling the page,
ink overwhelming the thin pages and dripping out of the book.

The story as printed was
I felt

All my attempts to edit or revise the story only creating more chaos in my own
psychological binding.

I can't turn the machine off. Even tuning it out doesn't really work. What can I do?

Write a new story. 

The printing press of my mind keeps whirring while I reach for my shelf and pull out my journal.
I'm greeted with blank pages, possibility. What do I want to create today? 
It takes conscious effort and full acceptance of the background noise, but finally I put pen to paper.
Small scratches of ink on the page, small words, but words of life and power.
The journal of my conscious mind gives me something to focus on. With my choice, my focus, my power and the life of God within, I write a new story.

The machine never stopped, but the life I'm living is no longer run by the printing press, it's written by hand. 

Today is not a cut, copy, paste kind of day. It's a new day, a day of lived prayer and possibility.
Today is not a day of repetition, but a day of inspiration. A day to be full of the spirit. 
Today is a new day. Today is a new story. Today I'm writing with a full heart and spirit, not simply on the automatic mechanics of my internal wiring. 

To new stories and new possibilities, keep writing. Write a new story. 


Benjamin FaderComment