Life is Like a Garden: Cultivate It

Have you noticed how our planet is bursting with life? If there is anything natural about the natural world, it is how alive it is. Life, growth.. they are a given for us here. Life just is. It just happens. But what about designing the kind of life we want to live? What about a life that doesn't just happen, but is designed? A life of this kind requires cultivation. To make things grow, humans don't really do anything. "God" makes things grow. But we can set the stage. We can set our intentions. We can follow through on our intentions with consistent actions to bring about the results we seek. Said simply, life is like a garden, it requires cultivation. 

For my thought life: I can cultivate thoughts that are powerful, positive, trusting and inspiring, rather than letting my thoughts "happen" to me.

For my relationships: I can cultivate new ways of being to understand and relate to others, to collaborate in ways that matter to me and to them.

For my community life: I can cultivate a presence to the people and places I inhabit by shaping my posture, my presence and my habits.

And it doesn't stop there. 

Your life is your garden. You reap what you sow. What are you cultivating? 
Benjamin FaderComment