On the Edge

Recently I read about a free solo climber discuss why he climbs the way he climbs. With no rope, no tools, no support team, it is just him and the rock face he is climbing. Everyday, he has to be on his A-game. But he doesn't do it just to be an adrenaline seeker, he is most pumped about the views he gets to see that no one else can reach. By living his life on the edge, he his more in touch with himself, his art (climbing), and can reap the benefits others only dream about. It's like that scene in The Dark Knight Rises, when Bruce Wayne climbs out of the prison with no robe... but this guy does that for a living. This got me to thinking... what's my edge? How do I live on it?

For some people, doing something crazy is worth it just to feel that sense of aliveness, being hyper-aware and present to where you are. For others, no amount of money or thrill could motivate them to take those kind of climbs or leaps. I don't think it has to require feats of strength, but I do think that life is better lived on the edge. 

We all have our "reasons." We all have our comfort zones. The sad fact is that our life shrinks to fit within our reasonableness. If we step into the void, the unknown, if we stretch ourselves into the realm of risk...More becomes possible, and we become more. Right now, even my goal setting I am trying to stretch beyond the realm of comfort, moving into the realm of risk and vulnerability. I haven't planned on any free solo routes yet, but I am committing to expanding what is possible and facing my fears. I'm committed to life on the edge.
Benjamin FaderComment