Relaxed and Fast

It's almost a universal rule, the more relaxed you are, the faster you can go. 

Often our connotation of the word "relaxed" brings to mind sitting on fluffy things while doing nothing in particular. Definitely not the kind of relaxed I'm talking about. The relaxed I'm talking about is a being at ease and free of tension such that movement remains to be easy. 

One of the reasons I warm up—whether I'm running or drumming—is to be relaxed and fast. Without the warm up, I'm often stiff. Movement helps me to be relaxed. Movement also helps me to be ready. Before the race or the gig, it is time to prepare for the movements that I will be repeating, ensuring performance at an optimal level. My fills can be fast, tight, crisp. My pace can be a little more intense. All because I've moved enough to become relaxed. 

The way to be effective is not to try harder, it is to become relaxed and ready. 

Be relaxed AND fast. This is the key to being effective. 
Benjamin FaderComment