There is No Junior Innate Intelligence

Sometimes people ask me why we adjust kids at our office. There are many reasons, but the first that comes to mind is this: There is no junior innate intelligence. 

Ever heard the phrase, "that's kid stuff?" It's used to imply the inferiority or irrelevance of certain activities because they are just for kids. Or "when I grow up?" It's used to talk about how some level of real life is unattainable until a certain age is reached. I understand there are activities uniquely designed for kids as there are for adults, but the dichotomy breaks down in many areas. Some people think chiropractic care is for the injured and elderly. While that is true, it is just as much for kids.
Sure, kids are still learning and growing, but the same life-force that has shaped you is within each and every person regardless of age. While capacities to self-express or communicate can grow with age, the capacity to thrive is constant and instantly accessible to any person.

There are many reasons why we adjust kids. One of them is that they have the same capacity to have a thrive as adults. Rather than waiting for the onset of symptoms such as pain, we can work to see kids thriving now. Free from interference on their nervous system, they can be a fully thriving person even at a young age! This isn't about curing pain, it's about unleashing innate intelligence. And the truth is this:

There is no junior innate intelligence

Benjamin FaderComment