A Life Well-Lived: It's not about Insulation or Insurance, it's about Experience

A life well-lived is not about insulation or insurance, it's about experience.

Much of the modern human-constructed world we live in is about bubbles for our perceived protection. Our shoes are getting thicker and thicker. Insurance companies rake in fortunes as people "invest" in their future to avoid the what-ifs. I know that in just those two examples there are all kinds of scientific and economic points that could be made... although I can't help but think we're still cheating ourselves out of a life well-lived. 

I don't need to build callouses when I have gloves. I don't need to work with my hands when I can pay anyone else to do it. I am free to live in the"safe" and sanitized box that is being marketed to me 24/7. I can play not-to-lose all the time if I so choose. 

How boring.

I'd rather kick off my shoes and build some callouses, learn some things about myself.

I'd rather assume some risk, be present to the moment, and think a little less about how to protect myself from an imagined future.

I'd rather feel deeply, experiencing the gift of life with my whole being.

I'd rather get my hands dirty, fail on the way to succeeding and make something beautiful.

Benjamin FaderComment