Commit to Your Best: Don't Stop at HOW and Don't Settle for Less

I created this audacious possibility, that I would win a 5k in my town. It feels ridiculous to me. The rackets and stories pour in like a flood: "I've never won before... I'm out of shape... I'm not like that guy... I just don't think I can... Ugh, but that HILL!... I'm probably not even that fast..." and so on and so on. Then the thought occurs to me: This is self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course I'm not going to win with this kind of thinking. 

Winning a 5K felt like a stretch to me. It felt unreasonable. That was why I committed to it in the first place. I see all the time how I shrink back to be in the realm of comfort, a realm without risk, a realm without being accountable to my own success. This realm is called mediocrity. It's also the realm of reasons. Rather than being in action towards a goal and finding the way forward as I pursue it, my reasons so easily will slow me down, invite me to settle, reward me for my own self-righteous mediocrity. But that's what it is, self-righteous. In my mind, if I don't achieve, I won't be tempted to make the same flagrant errors that others have done with the spotlight. In my mind, if I don't commit to seemingly impossible goals, I can continue to do noble small things that are "truly" worth my time and energy. The reality is that I yearn for big things. For influence, for impact. The truth is also that when I am at my best, I more deeply appreciate the small nuances and beautiful aspects of life. Each conversation is bigger in my heart when I am fully alive. Settling for insignificant and reasons does not create the life I want to live. Instead, running with full intensity, present to mind and body and hopeful for my intended outcome. Said simply:

I'm going to run this race as I will run the race of my life, to win it

I'm going to commit to my best, not stopping for how and not settling for less.