Sharing is Caring: It Is That Simple

Isn't it great how kids are your mirror? 

My daughter, Hosanna, is ambivalent right now about sharing toys with her baby brother. Sometimes she is set against it, other times, she is the definition of creative generosity. Unprompted, she may spontaneously share with Theo some of her favorite toys. Other times, Theo is at best a threat to her quite recently discovered interest in an old, neglected toy. She often shares with me unprompted, but Theo can still be a challenge. In my watching and seeking to understand, I think I've found the pattern: She shares when she cares, and doesn't when she doesn't. 

As an expression of her love for me and out of genuine interest for me to play with her, she'll bring me a baby, a Daniel Tiger doll, a small drum, anything. But Theo, who knows no subtlety or tact and just wants to play with what Hosanna has, she doesn't care to share with him, for whatever the reason is.

That got me to thinking that I am the same way. When I care about someone, it really doesn't matter how much money or time I have, how much food is in the fridge or the pantry, I have enough to share. When I don't care about the person—even just in a moment—it is as if I am completely sapped of resources with nothing to share because it's MINE. 

I think about the great "issues" of our time. So many things I could give time, energy, passion, money or resources to, but I don't... because I don't really care. 

I think about many of the people in my life. Some of them have needs unmet. All of them have wants. All of them have dreams and passions. Theoretically I could contribute to any of them. Practically, I contribute where I care. It's not that I'm beating myself up. I'm not upset. I'm simply becoming aware. It's just that simple. 

Sharing is caring. We share because we care. It's just that simple.