Make the Time in the Morning

I have learned that if I don't make time for a few key things in the morning, they don't happen. If I don't choose to be up early, I lose ways of being that are precious to me.

Writing, running and just being with God are treasured ways of being for me, but I just don't make them up later in the day. After about 7am, my clock is ticking for too many other things. Kids are waking up, the advent of work is fast approaching. When the swirl of the day is in full effect by the time I am out of bed, I find myself reacting rather than choosing my day. Rather than being the best version of myself—receiving and creating my day from scratch—I try to skate by on my strong suit of improvisation. When I make time in the morning, it's a whole different story.

I have space to be. I face my thoughts and turn even the anxious ones to prayer. I unpack my mental baggage. I run, feeling a deeper connection to myself, to God, and to those around me. Rather than fighting with myself, I am able to face myself, ultimately orienting to God and the world, not stuck in my own mind. I become inspired, full of wonder, and I greet the day with anticipation and power.  In short, to make it a great day, I make time in the morning. 

Everyone has their own schedule, and their own journey in finding what works for them. For the sake of my whole self (body, soul, spirit), I make time in the morning for things that are important. 
Benjamin FaderComment