New Life is Emerging

Beneath the stories, beneath the sermons
I've heard a thousand times before

Beyond the acts, beyond the rituals
I've done until considered trite

Behind the scenes, behind closed doors,
The status quo fights to be preserved, and yet

Beneath the surface, beneath the foundation
new life is emerging. 

There is a tectonic shift happening in the church and in the world. There is a new yeast in the dough, and it's permeating the atmosphere. There is a collective consciousness, new ways of seeing and being, that are uniting the ancient and the modern.  This Easter, and everyday, we have the opportunity to walk out of the tomb of our societal structures and norms. We, filled with the Spirit, can move into new horizons that respect the past and create a new future. We will not have our resurrection without consciously facing our collective death, yet the promise of new life lies before us. I'm excited for what new life is being born today and the possibility it brings for our tomorrow. Are you?
Benjamin FaderComment