The Paradox of Gratitude and Desire

I love my life! I love my daughter, my son, my wife! I love who I am, where I am, and what I choose to do! I am also more aware of my dreams, more active in pursuit of who I desire to be, taking one step in directions I believe in whether or not I am there yet. I am finding that this takes BOTH pervasive gratitude and great desire. 

Without gratitude, I become jealous, frustrated, sink into a victim mentality. Rather than pouring myself into and getting the most out of my current circumstances, I wish things were different and resist what lies right in front of me.

Without desire, it is easy to be complacent in my thankfulness. Entropy of ideas or one-time dreams take over and I settle into where I am. This isn't always a bad thing, but stagnation and growth rarely come together.

For myself, I have even found that true gratitude can fuel desire, and the reverse is also true. 

God, I am truly thankful for who I am, who I'm with and what I get to do. I'm thankful for what I'm learning at this moment in my life, and the possibilities that are created from my all-in engagement on all fronts. I'm so satisfied with my life... and I'm hungry for more! Out of the joyful abundance I am freely receiving and giving, I look forward to greater impact and growth of the dreams of my heart. I am thankful, I'm desirous, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Benjamin FaderComment