Unfettered and Free

I choose to be
Unfettered and Free
Aware of my own inconsistency
Aware of the act
the dance, the mask
Being an enigma is an arduous task.

I let it go
I drop my guard
No longer inauthentic or untoward
No hiding
No running
Just being and becoming
An open book for others to read.

Now all that remains
In the quiet, in secret
Is True Self, the real me that
Grows, thrives
Hums, dances
At rest and alive in light or dark.

All pretense is gone
As this divine child, this son,
is delighted, contented, 
Happy to be.

I choose to be
Unfettered and Free
Abiding in Source, in the Spirit within Me
Living in total authenticity 
Unclouded by what was...

I AM. I will BE.
Benjamin FaderComment