Acceptance and Action: Letting Things Be What They Are and Moving Forward in Lived Prayer

I think my trip to southern California came at an opportune time. It served as another way to step back from myself and my life, observe my habits and patterns, learn and grow. Among other insights, I was able to see how fixated on tweaking the minor inconveniences of my life, fixing what was wrong and making things "right" and "optimal" and--dare I say--comfortable for me. I saw, and see, how often I complain. Ultimately I have been obsessed with my own whims rather than being invested in the details of others hearts and lives. I talk about community transformation, but I look on the internet at places to live and things to buy. I write about living a life of beauty and purpose, and I fill cracks of time with meaningless junk. 

What am I avoiding in myself and my life?
 What am I resisting? What thought process drives this incongruity? 

I think it is a misplaced belief in satisfaction coming from "out there," from putting my "have" before my "be," rather than living a "be->do->have" life. 

The way forward in living a life on purpose is not just adding more things to my plate. It's not being busy. The way forward has more to do with acceptance and openness, letting creativity come from a place of trust. 

Rather than seeking to change my circumstances, I choose to embrace everything in my life as it is. My circumstances, my relationships, where I live, what I do... all of it. I accept it. It is. YAY!

From there, I'm committed to being the transformation I want to see in my life and the world. I'm committed to building my art from scratch. I'm committed to enjoying all the ridiculous nuances that make my life my life. I'm committed to changing internally rather than externally, and letting my inner life manifest. I'm committed to taking the actions that come from my heart, with spontaneity and with intention. I'm committed to acceptance and action: Letting things be what they are, and moving forward in lived prayer.