Are We Treating Illness or Cultivating Wellness?

It's my understanding that the healthcare field is meant to be just what it sounds like, caring for people and creating health. The challenge we face is that much of our systems are focused on treating illness rather than cultivating wellness. 

Very recently, both of my Grandmothers have been in the hospital. While receiving great benefits from trained physicians to diagnose their ailments, they have also had to face that their prescribed medications have played a large part in their current predicament. The very substances created to help are instead hurting. Billions and billions of dollars are spent every year in researching and developing pharmaceutical drugs, but the best they can do is treat or suppress ailments--they don't create health. What is worse, suppressing symptoms and treating ailments often comes at a high cost to the person ingesting the drugs.

Cultivating Wellness looks a little different. The way we think, eat, relate and move gives shape to how we will be. Meditation and prayer to cultivate awareness and gratitude in my thought life, forming deep friendships, eating fresh and organic food, being active and outdoors... All these elements give shape to a vibrant life of being well. Some of these are obvious, some even seem cliché, but the fact remains that cultivating a healthy life is not fixing what is "wrong," it is choosing the good for yourself and your life.

I think pharmaceutical drugs have a place. Western medicine is great at addressing crisis situations with technology and chemical compounds. However, creating health comes from within, not only outside yourself. 

Benjamin FaderComment