Torn between purposes, between spaces and places, 
torn by two visions and two ways to be. 
Torn by commitments and how to prioritize them,
torn by my word and by felt need.
Torn by variety, not just one thing that inspires me,
torn by too many thoughts to see clearly. 
Torn by my self-talk, rather than a bedrock, I'm
torn by my thoughts that I hold over me. 
Torn by my stories, by my self-important glories,
torn by competing versions of me.
Torn by my time spent, and by several goals unmet, 
torn by my own inconsistency.
Torn by thoughts of selfishness, do I care for others or do I progress,
torn by a both/and I can't quite see. 

In truth I'm not torn, but these stories have worn
patterns in the depths of my psyche. 
In truth I am whole, I am self-expressed, full,
knowing who I am and how to be. 
So my work for today is to keep on the way
of cultivating unity.
Benjamin FaderComment